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About Live Casino Roulette

Playing live roulette online has never been easier and it's becoming a popular option for more and more visitors to online casinos. On this page we give you the low down on playing live roulette.

Almost everyone knows at least the basics of how to play roulette but just in case you need a recap we've provided a brief overview below:

The roulette wheel is spun in one direction while a ball is spun in the opposite direction and the ball eventually falls on to the wheel and into one of 37 coloured and numbered pockets. Players attempt to predict in which pocket the ball will end up in once the wheel has stopped spinning. Players can choose from a variety of 'inside' bets (the number of the pocket the ball will land in, or range of pockets based on their position), and 'outside' bets (these bets are listed outside the main grid of numbers and are bets on various groupings of pockets, black or red, odd or even) - it really couldn't get any simpler!

Did you know? In a game of European or French roulette the wheel always has one green zero while in American Roulette the wheel has a double zero pocket as well as the single zero pocket - the double zero pocket helps to increase the house edge.

Playing Live Roulette

Live casino roulette gives players the chance to chat with other players or just sit back and observe their bets. You can interact with the live dealer or croupier and the chance of playing in a more realistic casino environment means that these live games are rapidly increasing in popularity amongst players of online casino games.

live roulette at guruplay casino

A live roulette croupier at announces the winners.

Once you open an account and register a username to play live roulette you'll usually be able to choose if the other players can see you and/or your bets or you might prefer to be anonymous. If you're not playing anonymously and you win it's great fun when the croupier congratulates you or announces that you're the biggest winner of the previous spin.

In the screenshot to the right you can see one of the live croupiers at work in the Guru Play studios. She's congratulating the winners of the previous spin and there's 52 seconds left for players to make a bet. There's also useful information about the winning numbers of the last 13 spins on display. When playing you can zoom in anytime on and, of course, there may be times when you will want to play quietly perhaps to concentrate more and it's easy enough to turn off the croupiers chatter should you wish to do so.

roulette at guruplay casino

The live roulette table at - the timer bottom left shows how long until the croupier next spins the roulette wheel.

If you've never played live roulette before you'll soon get the hang of things as there are not actually that many differences between a live game of roulette and the traditional roulette games you've no doubt played at online casinos in the past. Something worth pointing out here for newbies however is that at Guru Play's live roulette table you get 60 seconds to place your bets in between spins and once you've put your chips on the table you must click the "Confirm Bet" to actually place your bet. When playing live roulette at any casino it's important not to feel pressured by any timers that are counting down on the screen - you can always sit out a round if you wish and it's usually best not to make any last second descions especially if you're plaing for real money.

guru play casino roulette betting

In this example from the player clicks the "Confirm Bet" button in the bottom right hand corner to make the bet valid

While more and more live casinos offer live roulette games to play our current favourite online live casino roulette game can be found at We've been really impressed by their easy to use, well designed website and instant play live casino games that can all be tried for free. We like to think we've played roulette at hundreds of online casinos over the past few years and Guru Play's well presented version certainly ranks up there with the best of the best for us.

If you've never tried live roulette before you can try out the game totally free at without having to download or install any software or open an account - you can see our full review of Guru Play's live roulette game here - find out why we gave it an impressive 5 out of 5!