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About Live Casino Blackjack

While playing blackjack online in virtual casinos is nothing new recent advances in technology and the wider adoption of ever faster broadband means that it's now becoming easier than ever for players to choose a live casino blackjack game with real dealers to interact with. Generally, most live casinos allow and encourage players to talk with the dealers and also other players and it's a great way of adding to the feeling that you are playing in a real world casino which is why live blackjack is becoming more and more popular with players of online casino games.

Blackjack, also known as Twenty-one, remains one of the most popular of the casino table games and while there are many variations of blackjack the basic rules of traditional blackjack can be picked up in seconds. In a traditional game of blackjack player draw cards with the object of getting as close as possible to a total of 21 without exceeding it. The dealer attempts to get a higher hand than the player also without exceeding 21.

Playing Live Blackjack

Playing live blackjack at an online casino is without a doubt the closest you can get to a real world casino experience in the comfort of your own home and when playing live blackjack online at any of the online live casinos you'll find it similar enough to traditional online blackjack games that you should be able to easily start playing without having to spend time reading the help pages! In the screenshot below you can see how bets are placed at Guru Play Casino, for example, so we have a 100 chip on the table and we've been dealt a total of 18. In the bottom left corner are options to hit or stand.

blackjack table

Some things to keep in mind if you're new to playing live blackjack is that unlike traditional online blackjack games you can't just bet whenever you like or click a "Deal" button every few seconds - you'll have to wait until it's the correct time to bet and must place your bets before any betting period finishes. It's important not to feel pressured by any timers countdown and remember you can always sit out rounds if you want to take a breather. Also, while there may be other real live players at your table your results are in no way affected by their bets. Once the betting and descision rounds have finished the dealer will deal his/her own cards. After all cards have been dealt any winners will be declared and the dealer will begin a new session.

live blackjack game

A dealer at waits while players make their choices.

During play dealers can sometimes provide useful information such as how many blackjacks have been dealt out of the current shoe and when the decks will be shuffled next. You'll usually find options to mute the dealer's voice should you wish to play in silence.Good live casinos will supply you with plenty of statistics so that you can see what the other players are choosing to do in any given round such as standing or splitting, the biggest winners etc.

Here at we test as many live blackjack casino games as we can and right now our recommended live blackjack game can be found over at Their take on this classic casino card game is superbly presented, easy to play and they also have some great live dealers! You can read our full review of Guru Play's live blackjack game here.